Playing the Long Game: Making Mobile Last

This is my portion of the panel for Museums and Mobile Online Conference 7. The topic was sustaining mobile programs and I specifically spoke on sustaining mobile checkout devices.

Use of Interactive Digital Technologies Both In and Outside of the Museum Setting

Guest Speaker, Learning in Museums, J. Hope Amason, Ph.D. from Dept. of Anthropology and Museums Studies, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA, 2013.

Picking and Managing Platforms and Devices

This presentation covers a number of aspects to consider when choosing mobile platforms and devices. Presented with Kelly Miller, Mill Creek Software.


Arkansas Museums Association, 2013

Emerging Technologies in Museums

An examination of the emerging technologies that are expected to have a large impact in the museum world during the coming five years.  Looking at the 2010 and 2011 Museum Edition of the Horizon Report.  I give insights into which of these technologies I think are best suited to Arkansas museums given key trends and ignificant challenges.


Arkansas Museums Association, 2012

Southeastern Museums Conference, 2012

Producing Amazing Audio Content In-House

This presentation covers the three aspects of creating amazing audio: pre-production, production, and post production.



Museums & Mobile Online Conference III, 2011

Teens, Technology, and Teamwork

Museums need to stay relevant to young generations.  By addressing needs of the typically underserved teen population, museums can build relationships for the future.  This presentation aims to give insights into involving a generation of digital natives. Presented with Pody Gay, Shiloh Museum of Ozark History.



Arkansas Museums Association, 2011

American Association of Museums, 2011

What is JIMI and What Can It Do For You?

Session co-presented with Brain Hicks, Martha Battle Jackson, Jill Koverman, Ann Jennings Shackleford, and Michael Walczak at the Southeastern Museums Conference annual meeting, 2010.

Social Media and Museums Part 2

Participants will learn about listservs, discussion groups, and wikis, including Google groups and Yahoo groups.  This session covers the basics of using these resources to stay in touch with your museum's audience, including their differences/strengths/weaknesses.


Arkansas Museums Association, 2010

Southeastern Museums Conference, 2010

Social Media and Museums Part 1

A general discussion of Social Media including how it can benefit museums, arguments against and for access, and an examination of two popular platforms - Twitter and Facebook.


Arkansas Museums Association, 2010

Southeastern Museums Conference, 2010

Collections Care Roundtable

Roundtable co-facilitated with Tom Debo at the Arkansas Museums Association annual meeting, 2010.

Connect to Your Audience Using Podcasting

Technology tutorial workshop presented twice with Zev Slurzberg and Jonathan Finkelstein at the American Association of Museums annual meeting, 2009.

Registrars to the Rescue

Three-hour workshop co-presented with Heather Bettinardi and Tom Debo at the Arkansas Museums Association annual meeting, 2008.

Low-Cost Technology

Many museums may not being using various technologies because they just assume the technologies are out of their budgets. This presentation will help put that myth to rest by exploring free or low-cost software and web apps.  It also teaches attendees the skills to find these tools on your own.


Southeastern Museums Conference, 2008

Arkansas Museums Association, 2008

Podcasting 201: My First Episode

This workshop is a continuation of Podcasting 101.  It covers the major aspects of creating a podcast: planning, recording, editing, publishing, and advertising.  It also offers hands-on experience with writing policy, drafting epodes, recording, and editing.


Arkansas Museums Association, 2008

Can & Should Small Museums Be Technological Leaders?

Panel session with Heather McClenahan, Holly Witchey, George Laughed, and Jim Spadaccini at American Association of Museums, 2008

Podcasting 101: A Crash Course

This workshop is an introduction to podcasting.  It covers planning, selecting equipment, recording, editing, and publishing.


Arkansas Museums Association, 2008

Southeastern Museums Conference, 2007