State of the Art App

This is the first exhibition focused mobile app that I've managed.  It includes high-resolution images of all the works in the exhibition, label copy, and audio or video clips feature the exhibition curators and artists. It's the ultimate State of the Art experience in your pocket with a full listing of exhibition events, recordings of lectures and talks, blog posts, and more. It was formatted for handheld and tablet devices for both Apple and Android.

State of the Art Digital Labels

Since the opening of the museum the use of iPads has been evolving.  I love that with this exhibition they were used as digital labels to offer an experience that would deepen the connect to the artwork.   The best option was the poll question as guests loved the interaction and enjoyed comparing their answers to others.

State of the Art Touch Kiosks

I loved working with Ideum on this interactive kiosk experience. The experience allowed guests to explore the artists in the exhibit to learn about them, their art, and their techniques; while infographics were used to convey the story of how the exhibit was created. My favorite feature of the experience was "find art" where visitors received a list of contemporary art venues via email based on their zip codes. The goal was to encourage them to take their own journey to discover American art like the curators.

Crystal Bridges Mobile App

I've been managing CB Museum since 2010.  The Apple version was launched in 2011 a few weeks before the museum open and the Android version was launched in early 2014.  The experience has been fabulous.  I've never managed so many people working on one project and I couldn't be prouder of the results.  We're now on the 8th version and I think my favorite feature is dynamic tours, which allow users to pick which tours they want to download.  

Crystal Bridges iTunes U

In 2012, I led a team to create Crystal Bridges' iTunes U site.  It was so wonderful to finally be able to publish content that we had been creating for nearly a year.  Creating and organizing the content on the site was very similar to the work I had done at Shiloh.  However, since that time, Apple had re-designed their CMS for iTunes U and learning the new system was great fun for me.

Crystal Bridges Multimedia Tours

These audio tour explore Crystal Bridges’ permanent collection, architecture, and a number of temporary special exhibitions highlighting artworks in the Museum's collection. Much of the voice work is done by museum staff affording me the privilege of working with a wide range of my colleagues.


Eco-boxes have been a new platform for me to work on.  They have been a great way for the museum to offer guests interpretation on the trails.  Each box has four audio options that the museum is using to highlight artwork, flora, fauna, and the history of the area.  I can't wait to work on the next ones.


Shiloh Museum Podcast

In the five years I managed the Shiloh Podcast, 2005 - 2010, I published 76 audio and 18 video episodes.  Most episodes were recordings of the monthly lecture series, but the episodes I loved the best where the ones that featured original content supplementing exhibits or other programming happening at the museum.

Shiloh Museum iTunes U

I managed Shiloh Museum's iTunes U site from 2007 through 2010.  The site was launched with 16 collections and under my management another 9 were added.  The thing I enjoyed the most about this project was making more of the museum's content accessible to the public particularly as this platform allowed us to publish content that wasn't possible through the podcast.